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Historical Records

I can provide the following services and can work on a project for as many hours as you require. My basic hourly rate is £40 but that is negotiable depending on the length of the project.


I can catalogue to whatever level you need. If it’s a large collection perhaps you only need box listing or if you want more detail I can catalogue to item level. While I am cataloguing I can also repackage and box up the collection appropriately (see also Storage below) and highlight those parts of a collection most suitable for display or publicity.

Feasibility studies/Scoping reports

I can give advice on the cataloguing requirements of your historic collections. I can also advise on preservation and repackaging and point you in the direction of other specialist resources if you need them.

Data entry/Data cleaning

I can undertake catalogue conversion from paper to digital or from format to format. I can also check the accuracy of catalogue databases either against the original paper list or the actual records.

Historical Research and Transcription

I can undertake research into specific collections and help with academic or personal research projects. I have extensive experience in transcribing historic documents should you need this to make particular documents accessible.


I can advise on what should be kept in a collection and physically separate records for retention and disposal.


If you or your organisation would like training in cataloguing your collections I would be happy to provide an informal course to fit your requirements.


I work with conservation technician Robert Harold, who is able to make four-flap folders and bespoke drop-side boxes to your specifications. He has extensive experience in the field having worked for National Library of Scotland and Archives New Zealand and examples of his work are available on request. He has the same hourly rate but material costs would be extra. For conservation repair work, there are a number of professional conservators working in Scotland, including Gloria Conti at chartaconservation.com

If your project is not listed here do still get in touch. Even if I can't help you I might know someone who can.

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