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Case Study - Scoping Report

Quarriers first approached me to do a scoping report on their historic records in April 2019. I visited them to discuss their requirements and started work in July. There were three main areas on which they wanted me to concentrate:

  • to compile a shelf inventory and condition survey
  • to investigate alternatives to their existing document management system
  • to give an estimate of costs to make the collection fully accessible

I worked for three days on site compiling the inventory so that staff could locate items more easily and making recommendations for improved storage. I also had meetings with key staff members to assess the existing document mangement system and how it was used; the existing arrangement for photographic digitisation; and the issues relating to records kept off site. I submited my final report in August arranged by task with recommendations under each heading and appendices as to costs and suppliers and 'quick wins' as requested.

Scoping reports like this are useful to help organisations focus on priorities for their historic records. They are also an essential tool to a successful cataloguing grant application. I would welcome more work in this area.


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