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Personal Paperwork

Are you overwhelmed by paperwork? Do you have the estate of a loved one to sort out after their death?

Personal Paperwork

I can help you regain control of your paperwork by sorting it and creating a basic filing system in a way that suits you. I can also reorganise electronic files to correspond with the physical system and undertake tasks such as organising digital photographs.

Estate Paperwork

I can also help when a loved one has passed away leaving unsorted paperwork. I can arrange financial papers by category and hopefully ease the process of probate, saving you time and possible distress.


I can provide files and boxes and any other stationery that your project might require.

My initial consultation is free and my basic hourly rate is £35. The number of hours you want me to spend on a project is entirely up to you. And you can rest assured, I treat all client’s records with complete confidentiality.

My emphasis is on paperwork and I do not offer a full decluttering or house clearing service. If you think that better fits with your requirements then get in touch with Clear Mountain or We Can Organise You amongst others.


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